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got their name from the imaginary figure of the bard Myrddin (i.e. Merlin, the mythical wizard of the legend of King Arthur). The Celtic music group started its activity in 1995 in Savona (Italy), on the initiative of the brothers Fabio and Luca Pesenti. The band is currently formed by five musicians who share a common passion for Celtic music and tradition. In 2000 Luca Pesenti came back from Ireland after a long musical experience and from then on the band, after having undergone a few changes (the current singer, Eliana Zunino, joined the band in the summer of 1998), has started performing in a regular line up. In the same year Gian Marco Pietrasanta joined the group bringing along new ideas and energies for a renewed creativity. During the Fall 2001, the double-bass player Luciano Puppo, coming from a jazz background, became a member of the band. He contributed to push the research of the group further, towards new sounds and arrangements which today characterize the band style.

The study of tradition, of execution practice and of ancient music of the Celtic and European areas together with the use of acoustical instruments and the taste for new and original arrangements have made of the Myrddin one of the most successful bands of their kind in Italy.

Myrddin have participated in many festivals of traditional music and to national and international music shows, such as: "Aspettando il ritorno del Re" Rome - villa Celimontana 2004, "Excalibur" Medieval Festival - Roma 2004-2005, "Keltic Connection" Torino 2004, "Musiche dal Mondo" Cornate d'Adda - Milano 2004, "Trigallia 2003" Argenta - FE, "Festival Celtico dell'Insubria Lepontina" Malesco - Val Vigezzo 2003, "Hobbiton 2001, 2002, 2003" Gorizia / Codroipo (UD) / S. Daniele del Friuli (UD), “Insieme in Liguria 2003 e 2005” Regione Liguria, "Celtica 2001 e 2002" Val Veny (Courmayeur), "Fantāsia" Verona 2002,"Busker Festival" Brescia 2002 ,"Approdi dal mondo" Genova 2001, "Sulle tracce del Drago" L'Aquila 2001"Keltland" Udine 2001"Il soffio del Drago" Padova 2001, "Etnia Immaginaria" Spotorno (SV) 2001,"Irlanda in Festa" Florence 2000,"Casas Regionales" di Logroņo (Spain 2000), "I° Festival Interceltico" (Busto Arsizio - Milan 2000),"Venice Folk Festival" (1998), "Pistoia Blues" 1998 (only one selected Ligurian group), "III° Festival Interceltico" di Trezzo sull'Adda-Milan (1998),"Folkermesse" (Alessandria 1997), "Festival Celtique" di Aosta (1997), "Folkfestival Oltremare" (Genoa 1996 - 1997), "Note Celtiche" (Savona 1996), "Festival Celtico" di Acquasanta (Genoa 1996), etc....

They have also toured Scotland twice, giving concerts in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, and toured Spain once.

They have often performed in important theaters, such as: Teatro "G. Chiabrera" , Savona ,"Teatro di Campopisano" and "Le Muse" , Genoa, "La Casa di L. Ariosto" during the concert season "Estate a Ferrara" (1997), "Teatro Tenda" , Florence (2000) and at the "Balnain House", Inverness, Scotland (in 1996 and 1997).

In August 2000, after having won the
"Folk Contest" "3° Festival Interceltico" of Trezzo sull'Adda (Milan), the band won also the national ethnic music competition "Votiamoli" , which was held in the fortress "Priamar" in Savona.

Their repertory ranges from Celtic ballads to Irish and Scottish reels and jigs, to original pieces composed by the band in the spirit of a living tradition of music making.
For their lasts 2 albums,
inspired to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Myrddin have composed original pieces, resulting from a relevant creative effort, which shows the artistic and professional maturity the band has reach.


Their first album, "Myrddin Q at Duffy Pub", produced in the Summer of 1997, comes as a result of their experiences gained in Scotland, where the band was engaged between 1996 and 1997 in concerts in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and other important cities.

Their second album,"Ginevra" (ed. MusicAurea, July 2001) is the natural continuation of the musical journey undertaken by the group, and contains traditional titles together with original tracks.

Their third album, "Gli Anelli" ("The Rings") (ed. © MusicAurea 2003) has been produced under the auspices of and in collaboration with the Italian Tolkien Society. It is a fascinating journey into the atmosphere of Tolkien's "Middle Earth", with original music by Myrddin, and lyrics inspired by the novel. This work represents the evolution of the band towards a personal style which remains at the same time firmly grounded in the framework of Celtic roots that characterize it.

At July 2005 as been released their new cd titled "Il Drago" (The Dragon) (ed. © Maccaja 2005). Like the previous one, it's inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, with original music by Myrddin.


The study, the execution, and the revaluation of the wide repertory of Celtic music - in all its branches, both in Europe and overseas - together with the possible suggestions and contaminations from 'Latin' tradition and sensitiveness are the basic aspects which contributed to the constitution of the Myrddin. Besides philological accuracy and attention, Myrrdin  prefer to research into and propose that part of folk tradition, containing a convivial and passionate dimension, which makes Celtic and Italian sensitiveness so close to each other. Thanks to the different musical background of its members - all professionals - the band is able to merge the immediacy of traditional music with the accuracy for sonority and arrangements. For this reason Myrddin can also reach a wide audience even of very different type: from folk-club-goers to concert-hall-goers.

With "Gli Anelli" and "Il Drago" they proposes new songs from and new tracks inspired by Tolkien's works, together with original music by Myrddin, dragging the audience with the magic musical atmosphere of the "Middle Earth". Their concert presents tracks taken from the two records dedicated to the great Tolkien's fresco, and it is the result of a collaboration with the "Italian Tolkien Society", which edited the Italian version of the film trilogy.

Myrddin perform either as group (quartet) or as instrumental trio.

Luca Pesenti - fiddle
Fabio Pesenti - guitar
Eliana Zunino - vocals, bodhran
Gian Marco Pietrasanta - concert flute, border pipes & sax

Luca Pesenti - fiddle
Fabio Pesenti - guitar
Gian Marco Pietrasanta - concert flute, border pipes & sax


from the Web portal "Celtic World"

"Gli Anelli" is a concept album based on lyrics and  atmospheres of The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. The record was made under the auspices of the Italian Tolkien Society, and this should be sufficient to grant the quality of this work.
But "Gli Anelli" is actually much more than just setting Tolkien's work to music. It is a journey to the roots of music itself, a mosaic of sonorous sensations that ranges over the meanders and folds of European popular music, without losing its coherence.
The alchemy, which makes this project truly special, is a balanced mix of ancient sonority together with arrangements which take from both jazz and master's folk (double-bass and sax make a perfect choice for this). All this is made while maintaining a steady link to the "Celtic" style that distinguished the band so far. The Myrddin  confirm to possess and enviable body, which knows how to exploit the ability of each component at its best: the ensemble of winds, guitars, violin and double-bass is impeccable and very original; the incredible voice of Eliana Zunino is an instrument among instruments. "Gli Anelli" is a record that, independently from Tolkien theme, has an uncommon and magnetic glamour, and an intrinsic musical value.
A journey then, through a Middle Earth made of Irish and British medieval musical landscapes, melting ballades and unrestrained dances, which are always rendered in the framework of a contemporary  and original interpretation of folk music. A record that deserves great attention and, with no doubt, one of the best produced in 2003.


from the Web portal "Corriere della Sera"

The music of the Myrddin, singers of Tolkien
An Italian band which lives on Celtic music. Involving Irish melodies and ballades, lyrics and words to tell the ancient deeds, the Myrddin consacrated their third album to the Middle Earth saga. Gli Anelli, released after one and a half year of hard work, in collaboration with the Italian Tolkien Society, collects one song from the Celtic tradition and thirteen original pieces, with music by the band, and lyrics adapted from Tolkien's texts. The name of the album comes from the first track, a musical version of the famous prologue of the novel by the Oxford Professor and of the film trilogy by Peter Jackson:  One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them/One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Hobbits and Men, Elves and Dwarfs are the characters of this musical homage paid to the world created by Tolkien, source of inspiration for a special and evocative record, a sonorous journey from The Shire to Mount Doom.

When and why did you meet the author of The Lord of the Rings?
Each of us (Fabio, Luca, Marco, Eliana and Luciano) met Tolkien's world in different ways (I knew it by reading "The Hobbit", Marco with "The Silmarillion"). The project about making a record inspired to the great English writer took shape slowly. In 2001 (before the film "The Lord of the Rings" was released) the Italian Tolkien Society invited us to play during a Celtic festival, in Udine. From then on, we started a musical and artistic collaboration, as well as a friendship, with Paolo Paron (President of the Italian Tolkien Society). Once we joined this world, we started writing the first songs, which were received with enthusiasm both from the public and from the critics?.

Do song come from the book, or from the film?
We all have seen the film, but songs come primarily from the pieces of poetry and the songs written by Tolkien (many of which don't appear in the film). For instance, the song A Elbereth is written in Elvish language and we had the honour to learn these lines directly from Tolkien's voice, thanks to a record provided by Paolo Paron.

The most charming character of The Lord of the Rings?
In my opinion, it is Gollum. Terra Dura [Hard Ground], which is his song in the album, is introduced by the magic voice of Francesco Vairano (voice of Gollum in the Italian version of the film).

Previously, you worked on the tradition about King Arthur and Merlin: will you go back to Camelot, or will you stay in the Middle Earth?
It's hard to say, they're both charming worlds, and they're strictly related to each other. The next story we will tell, it will certainly come from previous experience, even though it won't be the continuation (such as Gli Anelli 2).

Do you believe that the saga of The Lord of The Rings will survive through time, together with the stories from Celtic tradition?
Yes, because it's literature. They are parallel worlds and, in this sense, it is the oral tradition of the ancient times that took most risks.

How did you get to this kind of music?
It's a juvenile love, which involves not just hearing, but the whole body. It is a wish for  journeys, for far and verdant lands, castles, sagas and tales and, above all, it's the dimension of live music, of a lasting oral tradition . Even nowadays, in the pubs, in the festivals, we can hear the Fiddle, the Pipes that wind their melodies off. Melodies that are impossible to write, but as a rough outline. One can love and play Celtic music only after absorbing it.

Which link between music and literature, singing and oral narration? An everlasting link, which comes from passion for what we narrate and sing.



from the Web portal "The Tolkien Music List"

NEW TOLKIEN MUSIC FROM ITALY (Beyond Bree, September, 2005)

True to their word, Italian Celtic ensemble, Myrddin, have released their second Tolkien-themed album, "Il Drago", as follow-up to their 2003 "Gli Anelli" CD [Beyond Bree July 2005, p. 4]. Unlike its predecessor, "Il Drago" is not exclusively Tolkien-related (a little less than half of the album’s 19 tracks being directly traceable to Middle-earth). The remainder are traditional and original folk compositions from a variety of traditions.

The album’s title suggests a retelling of "The Hobbit", and it does indeed contain a few songs inspired by that tale (“Il Drago / Danza del Drago,” “Lo Sgambetto (Danza del Nani),” and “Thirteen Dwarfs / Scheggia le Coppe”). The majority of Tolkienian tunes are actually derived from LotR.

Some of these are straightforward arrangements of Tolkien’s lyrics (the tale of Tinúviel, Namárië), which maintain the high musical standards set by the group’s work in "Gli Anelli". Of greater interest to me were the original lyrical pieces, such as Fabio Pesenti’s “Nimrodel,” which depicts Tolkien’s character (and river) in a way that is faithful to the author, while at the same time individualizing and deepening the listener’s imagination of it. This is sub-creation at its best...