…questa canzone mi era stata proposta da Marco, ed è subito piaciuta tantissimo a tutti. Ascoltando critiche e commenti, forse è anche quella che, tra le altre del CD, riceve più complimenti: forse per la sua dolcezza, forse per il bastone della pioggia di Fio', chissa'...

Flower of Magherally

One pleasant Summer’s morning when all the flowers were springing O,
Nature was adorning and the wee birds sweetly singing O,
I met my love near Banbridge town, my charming blue-eyed Sally O,
She's the queen of the County Down - the flower of Magherally O,

With admiration I did gaze upon this blue-eyed maiden O,
Adam wasn’t half so much plazed, when he met Eve in Eden O,
Her skin was like the lily white, that grows in yonder valley O,
She's my queen and my heart's delight - the flower of Magherally O,

Her yellow hair in ringlets clung, her shoes were Spanish leather O,
Her bonnet with blue ribbons strung her scarlet cap and feather O,
Like Venus bright she did appear - my charming blue-eyed Sally O,
She's the girl that I adore - the flower of Magherally O,

I hope the day will surely come, when we’ll join hands together O,
It's then I'll bring my darling home, in spite of wind or weather O,
And let them all say what they will, and let them reel and rally O,
For I shall wed the girl I love, the flower of Magherally O.